The Flash Whip (Single)

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The Flash Whips are the brightest LED whip on the market.  With up to 450 LEDs, these whips will light your whole campground.  If you want to outshine all your buddies or lead the pack on night rides, these are the whips you want on your machine.  Both the Bluetooth + Remote version and the remote control only version will feature hundreds of options including patterns, single color modes, flashing, strobing, and many more.   

Each order will include one Flash whip of your selected size, a controller harness, a powered quick release base, a set of flag clamp mounts, dust caps for your powered bases, and an MB Whips flag.  The Flash Whips are extremely flexible so they can handle rough terrain and riding conditions.  If you order the Bluetooth + Remote version, you will see a QR code on the controller that will help you download the Pro RGB app and you will receive a remote with a battery.  If you select a Remote control only version, a remote and battery will be included with your order.  

2 Foot Whips - Over 150 5050 LEDs

3 Foot Whips - Over 250 5050 LEDs

4 Foot Whips - Over 350 5050 LEDs

5 Foot Whips - Over 450 5050 LEDs