Shift-Tek Clutch Button Kit For Polaris RZR Pro R, Turbo R, Pro XP & 2021 XP Turbo

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Nowhere else will you find an easier or more durable solution to improve the ride and longevity of your primary clutch.

  • Proprietary Material – You won’t find ANYTHING else like it on the market
  • Smooths Out Your Ride - No More Clutch Chatter
  • High Temperature Rating for Maximum Durability
  • Increases Longevity of your Primary Clutch

An Industry-First!

OEM clutch buttons are made with inferior materials and usually break, crack, or weld themselves to the clutch spider within minimum miles. With excessive wear on the clutch towers, your primary clutch can prematurely fail. Our R&D team put thousands of miles on our Polaris machines to dial in and perfect the very best and industry-first Primary Clutch Button Kit! Made from proprietary material, the durability is unmatched. Proudly developed and machined in Wisconsin!


Polaris Shift-Tek Primary Clutch Buttons