Projector RGBW Pair

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Mb Whips is bringing you another sweet new product. The all-new RGBW Projectors! These powerful lights pack a serious punch and throw a beam up light up into the heavens. These are perfect for night rides and help set your ride apart from the pack.

One of the cool new innovations in these Projectors is the color adjustable functions where you can select from Red, White, Blue or Green with a press of a button on the included remote, or on the included full size 3 position rocker switch. The Projector kit comes with a full install harness with fuse, and everything you need to install and mount up these sweet accessories. The harness does need to be plugged into an accessory power source so that they will get power with key on and then you can utilize the switch to turn them on and rotate through the colors.

The Projector lights are not a laser, they are basically just a very powerful focused beam of light, so there are no legality issues. These lights will light up the dust, fog or any material in the air to give you a strong beam. The more dust, sand, or fog in the air, the stronger the beam will appear. All of these photos were taken without filters at the Glamis sand dunes.