PRO SERIES Radiant Whip Pair

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The MB Whips Radiant Pro series is hands down the brightest whip setups we've ever made. With up to 1600+ LEDs in a single whip, the Radiant Pros can't be missed. You aren't just lighting up your whole camp with this whip, you're lighting up the whole hillside or dune. The Radiant Pro whips are a single color whip with maximum light output in mind. Simply pick you color, and we'll build you the brightest 2 foot whip you've ever seen. 

Already have Flash whips and want to add these to your LED Whip options, no problem. The Radiant Pro uses the same bases and controllers as the Flash line so you are already wired and ready. 

The Radiant Pro Series Whips are not flexible. These are a very rigid setup, so you will want to mount them under the roofline if you are encountering trees or branches in your riding areas. We do have Springs available that work with this setup, but we would still recommend they be mounted in such a way as to avoid impacts. 

Each Radiant Pro Whip Pair Includes The Following:

Pair of Radiant Pro 2ft whips in your specified color 

Pair of our powered quick release bases w/bare leads for power 

Two premium black MB Whips flags 

Two flag mount clamp sets

Two dust caps