Override Vest eFire

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Take the ever-popular insulated Override Jacket and remove the sleeves, add in our new eFire system and you get a heated mid-layer vest that’ll add warmth to any shell. With the addition of heated technology for colder days, the Override Vest eFire features two vertical heat panels on the upper chest and one horizontal panel on the upper back for added warmth. The heating element includes three heat modes – low, medium and high – with long-lasting heating filaments powered by a USB-C charged battery inside the vest’s dedicated battery pouch pocket.

WARNING: Do not use this product in locations that can be submerged by water.

WARNING: Avoid using this product during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lighting.

WARNING: Electronic devices, including heated gloves, eFire base-layers and vests, can cause interference with avalanche transceivers and diminish your ability to conduct a search or be located. To minimize interference, keep a minimum distance between your electronic devices and your avalanche transceiver as follows: in search mode, 20 inches (50cm) and in transmit mode, 8 inches (20cm). Reference the owner’s manual for your avalanche transceiver for additional information