KTS Vigilant Pant FR

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To be VIGILANT means to be alert, watchful and prepared to defend against danger. You are a protector and a shield. 

As Warriors at the very forefront of the defense of freedom, you are the means to see what no one else can see. To react like no one else can react. To protect like no one else can protect. 

KLIM® honors the freedoms you defend every day. 

KLIM® Tactical Gear exists as evidence of that gratitude.

We believe you deserve the best possible technology to make you as safe, comfortable, and effective as possible. You deserve gear that magnifies who you are and what you do and never slows you down.

KLIM® invented the formula for creating superior technical apparel, which is designed to dominate the full spectrum of environments and situations. KLIM® carries a history and prestige of developing the most technical snow and motorcycle apparel on the market with gear that protects against the most extreme elements while enhancing the user’s experience.

KLIM® apparel has been military-grade for years; the only thing missing was the camouflage. The KTS™ VIGILANT™ Jacket and Pant are weatherproof, flame-resistant (no-melt, no-drip, no-fuse), extremely durable and offer operator-specific functionality that will perform as it needs to when the unpredictable occurs.