EVP Shift-Tek Secondary Clutch Belt Deflection Adjuster Kit For Can Am Maverick X3

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EVP engineers have come up with yet another product to help you get the absolute most out of your Maverick X3. The EVP Shift-Tek Secondary Clutch Belt Deflection Adjuster Kit lets you fine-tune belt deflection (belt tension) between the primary and secondary clutches. 

Customers may ask, “why would I want to do this when the OEM setup automatically tensions the belt?” The answer is twofold:

First, some X3’s have difficulty shifting from park through the drive gears. This can cause the gears to grind upon belt engagement and/or stretch the shift cable. Using the EVP Belt Tension Adjuster, you can dial in a bit less tension for smoother operation shifting between gears. Less tension also means less belt drag at idle, which can help lower overall belt temperatures.

Second, customers who drag race do not have the ability to vary belt tension to improve the shift pattern while launching the vehicle. It can be very difficult to control maximum RPM when coming off the 2-step at high-boost and high-stall RPM. The EVP Belt Deflection Adjuster can correct or modify shift patterns utilizing belt tension, which is not possible with the OEM automatic tensioning setup. Most serious drag racers are forced to buy a billet secondary clutch just to get the adjustability that the EVP kit provides

The X3 secondary clutch is extremely durable – far more so than some aftermarket billet clutches. Now you can use your stock secondary and get the same adjustability that is required for drag racing.

  • Designed for use with the OEM secondary and any EVP Shift-Tek Helix (not compatible with OEM helixes at this time)
  • Allows you to fine-tune the amount of belt tension for smooth shifting and better tuneability – especially in drag racing with high-power launches
  • Allows a vehicle to start in a “higher gear” to prevent over-revving at takeoff when using launch control
  • Helps to prevent the dragging secondary situations to make it easier to shift gears

Fitment: 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3 WITH OEM Secondary + EVP Shift-Tek Helix (not compatible with OEM helix)

Instructions: Shift-Tek Secondary Clutch Belt Deflection Adjuster Kit