EVP.MOde Steering Wheel & Quick-Release Hub Adapter For Can Am Defender

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Steering Wheel and Optional Hub Adapter

Give your Can-Am Defender the ultimate interior upgrade with the EVP.MOde Italian-made Steering Wheel and (optional) Quick-Release Hub Adapter! 

Redesigned specifically for Defender models, the new-and-improved EVP.MOde Quick-Release Hub Adapter (sold separately) is now compatible with the OEM plastic trim panel found on Defender models. The additional lip on the Quick-Release Hub Adapter allows you to keep the panel installed without interference when removing or installing the steering wheel.

The fine Italian suede-wrapped steering wheel checks the boxes for fit, finish and feel with its ergonomic contours clocked for a confident, controlled grip. The anodized aluminum wheel also features a standard 6-lug bolt pattern compatible with most aftermarket hub adapters.

When we set out to create the ultimate steering wheel, we didn’t just turn to sourcing a cheaply made knock-off. Instead, we went to the fatherland of premiere sportscar and high-end automotive accessory manufacturing—Italy. Most aftermarket SxS steering wheels come from a small handful of select manufacturers, and they all fall way short when it comes to overall craftsmanship and quality of materials. In typical EVP and EVP.MOde fashion, we spared no expense in developing what is truly the best all-around steering wheel focusing on design, functionality, and form.

Add the optional Quick-Release Hub Adapter (Splined Coupler included) for the perfect supercar-style setup that also adds another layer of security! This EVP-designed 19-tooth, quick-release adapter is SFI certified and also features a standard 6-lug bolt pattern for use with the EVP.MOde Steering Wheel as well as most aftermarket wheels. The Quick-Release Hub Adapter is black and gray anodized, and includes the Splined Coupler as well as black stainless screws for steering wheel installation. 

  • EVP.MOde Steering Wheel & EVP Quick-Release Hub Adapter With Splined Coupler sold separately
  • Fits all 2016+ Defender (and Traxster) Models (HD5, HD7, HD8, HD9, & HD10)
  • SFI-certified Quick-Release Hub Adapter includes Splined Coupler and features a standard 6-lug bolt pattern to accommodate most aftermarket steering wheels
  • EVP.MOde Steering Wheel is black anodized for styling and wrapped with Italian suede for a comfortable, controlled feel
  • EVP.MOde Steering Wheel features a standard 6-lug bolt pattern that's compatible with most fixed and quick-release hub adapters
  • EVP Quick-Release Hub & Splined Coupler are made in the U.S.A.
  • EVP.MOde Steering Wheel is manufactured in Italy

**EVP DISCLAIMER: EVP.MOde steering wheel requires our quick release hub adapter & coupler kit (or aftermarket hub adapter) to install.

FITMENT: 2016+ Defender (and Traxster) Models (HD5, HD7, HD8, HD9, & HD10)

Instructions: EVP.MOde Steering Wheel & Quick-Release Hub Adapter