Can-Am Defender EZ-Steering Series 6 Power Steering Kit by SuperATV

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  • 600-watt power steering kit – the strongest EPS kit on the market that doesn’t require secondary battery source
  • Capable of steering 50+” tires with ease and pairs perfectly with GDP Portals
  • Speed sensitive for total control when rock crawling or navigating gnarly trails, as well as eliminating steering overcorrection upon acceleration
  • All EZ-Steer Kits are waterproof, durable and easy to install
  • Fully sealed input and output shafts guarantee that no moisture or debris will get in to damage the electronics
  • No soldering required for installation
  • Backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty

The Strongest Single-Battery EPS Kit
You’ve tricked out your Defender with an impressive lift and huge tires, but now you’re getting in a whole upper body workout just trying to crank the steering wheel! Don’t sweat it—get SuperATV’s Can-Am Defender EZ-STEER Series 6 Power Steering Kit and get your reps in at the gym instead. At 600 watts, it’s the strongest EPS kit you can find without equipping a second battery.

Speed Sensitivity
Is navigating through deep mud a total pain in the ass with your current setup? You won’t have to worry about that with this Series 6 EPS kit. It’ll make the thickest peanut butter seem like less than a mud puddle. Or maybe logs and rocks are bouncing your steering wheel around and giving you a headache? No worries—this kit steers confidently no matter what. To top it all off, it’s speed sensitive too! That means you get total control when you’re crawling along and navigating tough trails. And when you take off at top speed, the steering wheel won’t be too touchy. Speed sensitivity makes overcorrection a problem of the past!

Go (Wet) Places with EZ-STEER
If you’re looking for the best of the best, you want EZ-STEER. SuperATV builds all EZ-STEER power steering kits to be waterproof, durable, and easy to install. Maybe you’re one of those riders that just can’t stay out the creek. EZ-STEER won’t back down even if you turn your Defender into a submarine. Fully sealed input and output shafts guarantee that no moisture will get in to damage the electronics. The same seals that keep out water also prevent dirt and sand from getting inside, which can tear up your power steering system over time. The best part? There’s no soldering required for install and we include everything you need to get setup ASAP.

Trust SuperATV
SuperATV put this 600-watt motor to through extensive testing in their state-of-the-art quality lab and through absolute hell out on the trail before making it available to you. In the lab, they beat it, bust it, and burnt it to bits to find out the absolute limits of this EPS kit’s strength. Then they put it to the test with the meanest riders and let them abuse it to the breaking point. Even when put through the worst, this kit didn’t overheat or drain the machine’s battery. You can trust SuperATV because we like to break stuff—and this Series 6 kit didn’t give in.

Backed up with a 3-year warranty!

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