2020-2024 Can Am Maverick X3 V-Flow Intake

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Our high temp silicone V-Flow Intake allows a much more free flowing connection between the air box to the turbo for maximum performance. Any restriction before the turbocharger directly affects power output. The OEM filtration system remains unchanged in terms of how it filters dirty air, but functions much more efficiently with more flow.

  • Turbulent airflow entering the compressor of the turbocharger costs efficiency and power.  The EVP V-Flow silicone intake boot has a smooth transition between the airbox and the turbo unlike the accordion OEM part.  Our silicone intake hose minimizes turbulence which allows the turbo to operate as efficiently as possible.
  • The OEM Donaldson filtration system remains unchanged


2020-2022 X3 V-Flow Intake Kit